Artwork - Zoya Singh  | Design - Akhil Kodamanhchili

...a prompt for context and/or continuity...

TAG is an opportunity for the artist and the audience to blur the edges between their typical interaction - this story is abstract and "open to interpretation".

Click below if you have an idea to take contribute to this story - take is forward or backwards and in any direction your mind wishes to go.

There are no rules - you may write a new part, you may edit someone's idea, but please do consider a general sense of continuity & decency ;) 

Based on this crowd sourced improvisation, Tinctures & The Sounds Within will create new media. This would be an experiment in distant, anonymous, ambiguous collaboration! 

Since we do not know the dynamics of such a project, this forum will be open indefinitely. 

Please note: Any edit or addition you make will take some time (5 minutes) to reflect on this page. 

CAUTION: Be careful not to delete everything :D


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A game of tag ensues. Chords tumble and trip; the journey is circuitous with false alarms and red herrings.

TAG spawned a community writing project of sorts via The Sounds Within, at

improvised by Nishad Pandey (gt) and Aman Mahajan (pn)
recorded by Vishnu Namboothiri Krimson Avenue Studios, Madras, January 2019
mixed and mastered by Sebastian Ohmert Sonic Impulse Studio, Berlin, August 2019
artwork: Zoya Singh design: Akhil Kodamanchili
part of the album 'Heads and Tales' releasing internationally on wismART, October 2020
India release: The Sounds Within