"A multi-genre, no-genre, experimental sound with genres turned upside down into a cauldron and mixed until the desired brew was produced.."


- The Indian Music Diaries -

Nø Herø is an Alternative, Progressive, Psychedelic, Introspective, Existential, Ironic, Incidental musical dilemma turned deliberation. No Hero is as much about purity as it is about perversion; the songs range from metaphysical abstraction to cheese stuffed love songs for the terminally ill and occasionally participates in dutiful mockery of all things that command such attention. No Hero is some sort of a rebellion, mildly doused in apathy with a blurry vision to bring a [ positive ] change in the world through thought provocation and artificially induced identity crises. So, dont just listen, experience, respond, react, discover a part of yourself you never knew before.

Please note that everything here is hyper-DIY, so whether it's feedback, a share, a warm introduction or a digital sale, your support is critically valuable. I am open to your energies as much as I open my energies to you!


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Live at TRG THC 14
LIVE THC_Cassette_128
Live _ HRC w_ Almost September - PC - Vi
No Hero Terrace
Appupen TSAL launch
Live _ LP Tribute 2018
Mode.AKA @ Alliance, Ragged Skull
No Hero at Crossroads Studio_ PC-Navneet
Live at Vans NewWave
What would you do if you Knew Artwork.jp


1. Wabi Sabi - Alt / Hip Hop / Rock 
3. Sights. Sounds.City - Alt / Hip Hop / Rock
6. 1point1 - Hip Hop / Metal
8. Mined State - Alt / Hip Hop / Metal 

From "Sharam Masala EP"

English Rap / Lyrics - XCPT (Aishan Vali) 
Hindi Rap / Lyrics - A La Moksh (Sameer Ul Haq)
Production, Guitars, Bass, Vocals (Mined State 3rd Verse & Wabi Sabi Chorus) - No Hero

Recorded at The Sounds Within Studios (#20_Koramangala)



2. Fragile 
9. Tomorrow Never Comes One Day (Acoustic)
12. Tomorrow Never Comes One Day 

From "Un Own EP"

Drums - Sidharth Rajmohan 
Keys/Synth Bass - Aman Mahajan 
Song writer, Production & Vocals - No Hero  

Recorded at Inner Space Studios 


4. Wondering, Wandering 
Keys - Aman Mahajan 
Drums - Peter Joshua Francis
Guitars, Bass & Production - No Hero 

7. The Only One
Vocals - Akrti 
Drums - Peter Joshua Francis
Guitars, Bass & Production - No Hero 

11. Internal Affairs 
Guitars, Synths, Vocals, Lyrics & Production - No Hero 

13. Disco Da Manchili
Drums - Peter Joshua Francis
Guitars, Bass & Production - No Hero 

From "Bare Witness"

Recorded at The Control Room




The origins of No Hero are as amorphous as the journey itself - born from a casual jam with drummer extraordinaire, Peter Joshua Francis some evening in Indiranagar little epicentre of far left music, The Control Room, the music was deliberated from improvisation. A format that Akhil Kodamanchili has been developing as a means of hacking creativity and intention in all its shades and colours.   

Other projects that lead upto this collaboration:

no.$ - mode.aka 

crux.frix - mode.aka  

Goodbye Kisses ON SALE - Lemon Tea



Moving forward from No Hero’s schizophonic debut, the desire for deliberation and premeditated songwriting took the focus with the sophomore release Un Own. Recorded on a shoe string budget over a couple of days at Innerspace Studios & a few bedroom set-ups, this album features Aman Mahajan handling keys/synth bass and Siddharth Rajmohan holding down the grooves on the kit.

Album Art by the uniquely creative Sumera Azharuddin

Other projects that happened around this time:

City as a Circus - Maara Collective




REVIEW – The Hindu

REVIEW – Rolling Stone India REVIEW – The Hauterfly

REVIEW – Music Sherpa

According to a study, conducted as recently as this morning, Sharam Masala’s Hip Hop-meets-Prog-rock-meets-electronica debut, clairvoyantly called Greatest Hits, is the best thing since vinegar flavoured ice cream.

Rappers Xcpt. (never won a spelling bee.) and A La Moksh (who?) strut jauntily onto No Hero a.k.a (No Friends Either)’s sonic landscape and proceed to dig up the flower bed.

We’ll shut up now.

Other tracks that lead upto this collaboration:

Web of Our Fates feat Isha Anjali
Shuttle to wherever
Sudden Notion

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Solo (Minimal)


IMG_2582 2.JPG

SOLO (Minimal): A stripped down set-up for predominantly small - medium format venues / shows that requires little backline. Set maybe instrumental or vocal & range from 20 mins - 60 mins.

Visuals where budget/venue's infrastructure permits.

Solo (Full)


IMG_2582 2.JPG

SOLO [Full] A full solo set-up for all size venues / shows that requires some backline. Set is both instrumental and vocal, and performance maybe 30 - 75 mins.


Visuals where budget/venue's infrastructure permits.




IMG_2582 2.JPG

ENSEMBLE: This is similar to the minimal/full sets albeit with additional musicians and artists. 

Visuals where budget/venue's infrastructure permits.



Genres:  Electro-Acoustic-Progressive-Psychdelic-Semi-Improvisatory-Sonic-Poetry 

Years Active:  2015- Present

Label:  The Sounds Within

No Hero is all set to return in 2021 after a year long hiatus with a renewed vigour to break boundaries and bend rules. After debuting with Bare Witness in 2015, an album built from an unplanned jam, No Hero went on to release Un Own in 2016, a 2 song 4 track EP exploring a prog-rock aesthetic and Sharam Masala in 2017 a twist into bi-lingual hip-hop/rap with a variety of collaborators along this journey. In 2020, No Hero released a pilot for their ambient flagship The Art of Staring into Space a.k.a. TAOSIS.

The next phase of No Hero returns to it's core as a multi-media solo project and is looking to perform at and collaborate with events and platforms looking to explore the limits of expression and artistic consumption. No Hero is also looking to engage with communities on issues that require a nuanced voice to push things forward and wishes to impact culture to a redoubtable effect.