Hello! I hope that you find this song engaging and see a potential in its role in influencing the scene & thereby my own creative journey. I look forward to working with you! Please reach out to me for any additional information! 

Call of the Void is a song that was written and completed over a span of 2 years under going many major and minor changes as my own life meandered through the fray. Sonically aligned to some of my core influences like Reanimation by Linkin Park, Tool, Porcupine Tree / Steven Wilson - esq aesthetics, the song is riddled with many subtle layers and unconventional production practices and arrangement decisions. 


All music, words and instruments, pre & post production & artworks were handled by myself. Lyrically the song explores themes of depression, anxiety and the complexities of mental health deregulation - culminating at the end with a refrain that highlights the fine line between the seemingly positive and negative narratives one might be living in their heads. 

Release date is March 13 on YouTube with a studio music video created by Navneeth Krishnan (private link will be available on this page soon!) with the streaming release to follow in the subsequent weeks depending on various factors - playlist/press/promotion budgets etc etc etc. 




I look forward to your messages. 

No Hero