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The joy of music is such a unifying power that brings people from so many divisions together in harmony. It’s impact on the individual and the collective are symbiotic and can greatly amplify each other when the circumstances are ideal!

The goal of The Sounds Within workshops is to identify the demographics, goals, aptitudes and other relevant variables to create and conduct group musical education that catalyses each group in a way that best brings out it’s members personalities and abilities.

We offer workshops for all kinds of institutions and communities:

Duration: 1 day ( 3hr – all day) – 7 day
Batch Size: 3 – 10

Add-Ons: Audio/Video Recording

Please write to us with your institution’s requirements, schedules and any other related information to receive a quotation.


Personalised Music Education

Here at The Sounds Within, we believe that Music Education is a very personal, valuable and sensitive experience that should be dealt with utmost attention to a person’s needs, wants and circumstances to see the best results – whether you’re looking to improvise through decadent chord changes, wish to write the next tune that has the world humming or dream of composing a piece that get’s a movie it’s biggest award, we buy into your dream and help you to craft your OWN path towards this often endless journey. It’s NOT just about ambition, of course, but an attitude of sincerity that is most valuable to us at The Sounds Within, and as such, we currently offer a preference for intermediate – advanced players as some of our workshop modules are designed specially for those who are still early in their musical pursuits.

Current Studio Location: Koramangala, Bangalore, India.
Skype Sessions also available.

Minimum Sessions: 4 (1 hr/each)

Maximum Session: 20

Cost: 1000/session

Add-On: Audio, Video Recording.

Lessons @ home : 1000 (+travel) /session (subject to scheduling & distance)

Alternative Music Education and Production.