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‘Mutant Juice’ by Kirtana Krishna from The Sounds Within studio!

Check out this beautiful & haunting song called ‘Mutant Juice’ by Kirtana Krishna.
Kirtana is a singer, song-writer and generally cool cat from the city of Bangalore, India.
Her music is influenced by the harmonic and melodic tools from the realms of JAZZ, and her approach to music as a form of expression leads to an extremely rich and memorable output that transcends the boundaries of styles and genres.

Kyojin releases debut album ‘Tana’ – an emotional and melodious journey.

Kyojin means giant in Japanese. This album marks the debut of Bangalore’s young guns Rahul Menon & Aayush Varghese demonstrating exceptional mature song writing & musicality. With 7 tracks that boast emotive lyrics, a spectrum of colourful chords and memorable melodies, all with their own flavour of deviance, this is an album surely worth your undivided attention!

Happy Listening!

Darsh Kadam’s 4 week personalised course results in an emotive & quirky 3 track debut EP – “Wake Up, We’re Sinking”

Darsh Kadam approach The Sounds Within with the goal of developing his own musical voice and expression – his vision was not one of technical mastery but of developing fluency and clarity of thought. The course ran the duration of 4 weeks in through the month of May 2017 and covered both fundamentals and esoteric topics that helps Darsh realise as well as capture his potential at The Sounds Within studio space. You can listen to the music ahead:

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